Are Mechanical Keyboards Louder Than Membrane? 2023

The keyboards of old have been replaced with the keyboards of the now. The new keyboards are a lot better in terms of usability and ergonomics and provide a more comfortable typing session. But the old keyboards, with all their clacky sounds, have always been more fun, especially if you are a gamer. This blog will look at whether mechanical keyboards are louder than membrane keyboards.

Many users prefer mechanical keyboards because they have better build quality and last longer. But there is one bugbear of mechanical keyboard users. Most of them are louder to type on because of the sound of the keys. This has been a standing debate on message boards and subreddits, and this blog will detail whether mechanical keyboards are louder than non-mechanical ones.

What are Mechanical Keyboards?

Are Mechanical Keyboards Louder Than Membrane?

A keyboard that has mechanical key switches to activate keystrokes is a mechanical keyboard. In this context, ” mechanical “ refers to how each key is designed to operate. Mechanical keyboards are popular among people who want to improve their accuracy and speed and enjoy the tactile feel of pressing the keys. However, compared to membrane-based keyboards, mechanical keyboards can be rather loud and are typically thicker.

Most people picture mechanical keyboards with loud key clicks when thinking of them. However, it’s necessary to mention that not all mechanical keyboard switches make a duplicate amount of noise. Some key switches are much quieter than others. The three primary keyboard switch types and their corresponding loudness are covered in the following sections.

1. Linear Switches

The finest mechanical switch to choose if you want a quiet keyboard is one with linear switches. Actuation feedback is silent on linear switches. However, most still produce a small thumping noise when a key is fully depressed. They’re also the quickest switch to repeat keystrokes, making them ideal for gamers. Some examples of linear switches include Cherry MX Silent Red and Outemu Red.

2. Clicky Switches

A conventional mechanical keyboard is typically thought to have blue “clicky” switches. These switches give users very pronounced feedback in the form of a noticeable “bump” and loud clicking noise when pressed. Clicky switches are generally the preferred choice for typists because of this feedback.

3. Tactile Switches

Linear switches are the best mechanical switch for people who need silent keystrokes with no actuation feedback. These switches are also great for gamers who need to repeat keystrokes quickly.

What are Membrane Keyboards?

Are Mechanical Keyboards Louder Than Membrane?

In contrast to conventional keyboards, membrane keyboards use pressure pads instead of individual mechanical keys. Physical keys have been replaced with flat, printed symbols on the keyboard’s surface, which, when pushed, perform identical actions. Despite being lightweight and adaptable, membrane keyboards are not suitable for touch typing and can lead to typos when used rapidly. These keyboards are more resistant to dirt and liquids than standard keyboards, yet they cost less to mass make.

Are Mechanical Keyboards Louder Than Membrane?


I think deciding between a mechanical and a membrane keyboard is a personal preference. However, I do prefer a mechanical keyboard because they are quieter.

Most people know about the mechanical keyboard, but most do not know about the membrane keyboard. The membrane keyboard is also known as the “noise-canceling” keyboard. Membrane keyboards have a rubber membrane placed beneath each key which is used to detect the pressure applied on the keyboard and convert it into an electrical signal. This is then converted into a key press detected by the computer. This causes it a future more peaceful than the mechanical keyboard.

Is it OK to use a mechanical keyboard in the office?

Someone who works in an office alongside others who like a quiet environment may get irritated by using a mechanical keyboard with clicky switches. The sound made by other keys, such as the linear keys, is smooth and unnoticeable.

Can we a mechanical computer keyboard be silent?

I’m not sure how much of an impact the color would have on the noise, but I know that when I was a kid, I would have loved a brown switch. It felt so much better than the blue switch. I guess it’s only a matter of choice, but the color would be an improvement!

A Brown Switch Keyboard is a mechanical keyboard that uses a rubber dome as a spring rather than the traditional metal spring. By doing so, the switch’s noise output is reduced. The Brown Switch keyboard is becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

SteelSeries Apex 7 – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

An excellent TenKeyLess gaming keyboard, the SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL offers everything a competitive gamer could want. As far as gaming mice go, the Razer DeathAdder Ultimate has all the features you could want without the hefty price tag.

The SteelSeries Brown switches on this mouse provide a pleasant typing experience with satisfying tactile feedback, and the mouse’s superior build quality is reminiscent of the SteelSeries Apex Pro. Selectable linear or clicky switches; available in both Red and Blue.

The SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL is a revolutionary gaming keyboard. The SteelSeries Brown switches are responsive and simple to activate, and the mouse has a strong, well-made feel.

It is lightweight, has a wrist rest built in, and can be lit completely in RGB. This device is a must-have, featuring an attractive OLED display and top-notch accompanying software that allows for customization of the console’s appearance (including the assignment of custom shortcut keys and lighting effects).

This is one of the greatest keyboards available if you spend a lot of typing for work and require a comfortable, ergonomic design.

The laptop’s keyboard is mostly plastic, but it feels rather solid thanks to a front metal plate. This keyboard has a small footprint, is quite reliable, and works well with Windows and macOS.

HyperX Alloy Core – Membrane Gaming Keyboard

The HyperX Alloy Core RGB is not a good option when playing video games. The absence of customizable keys and software support is disappointing, as is the slow response time of the rubber dome switches used.

This keyboard is silent, and its illumination is designed to be subtle so that it doesn’t overwhelm the small form factor. It is also compatible with most modern workstations and desktop operating systems.

The keys are laid out differently in this updated version. These keyboards don’t use the standard QWERTY layout; instead, they flip the rows upside down, such that the top row of keys is now below the bottom row of keys and vice versa.

Regarding productivity in the workplace, the HyperX Alloy Core RGB holds its own. Keyboard fatigue should be avoided thanks to the keys’ soft feel and low actuation force. Although the keyboard isn’t very tall, a wrist rest may be useful for those who use it for long periods. Thankfully, there is little keyboard noise. So you won’t inconvenience your coworkers.

Regarding coding, the HyperX Alloy Core RGB is not a good option. Typing for extended periods might be tiring due to the keys’ lack of feedback after being pressed. It’s a bummer you can’t assign macros to the keys and change the illumination color.

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Is a Membrane Keyboard a Good Choice for Playing Games?

Each has a unique sensation at actuation (when a key is registered). In contrast, the rubber dome layer of a membrane keyboard will make the keys feel spongey beneath your fingers. Overall, the sensation of mechanical switches is faster, making them preferable for gaming and typing.

Which keyboard makes the most noise?

I recommend the Corsair Vengeance K60 gaming keyboard, built for performance and reliability. It features Cherry MX red key switches and a fully programmable RGB backlighting system that offers hundreds of customizable lighting effects for each key.

Are clicky switches noisy?

When pushed, clicky switches make a distinct tactile bump and a “click” sound. Some keyboard switches, known as “clicky,” are made intentionally loud so that the user receives more feedback when typing.

Is blue one of the loudest switches?

On the other hand, the blue switches are also mechanical clicky keys, but they provide superior tactile feedback and are thus more suited to typing. They produce the most noise of any Cherry MX switch yet are a favorite among purists.


To understand the difference between mechanical and membrane keyboards, it is important first to understand how a keyboard functions. A keyboard is composed of switches that produce a binary signal, either on or off, which is then interpreted by a computer. Three main keyboards are used for computers: membrane, mechanical, and hybrid. Rubber domes are used as switches in membrane keyboards. Membrane keyboards are usually thinner, lighter, and quieter.

Membrane keyboards are often found in laptops, as they are more durable than mechanical keyboards due to their lighter weight. Mechanical keyboards use a set of switches to actuate and signal the computer. They often feature a spring that produces a click upon actuation. Mechanical keyboards have a distinct feel thanks to these springs, which is why many gamers and typists like them. Mechanical keyboards are often heavier, louder, and more durable than membrane keyboards.

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