How To Change Mouse DPI To 800 In Windows 11 (Solution)

The DPI value is usually set by default to 800, but you can change it to anything you want. It can be changed to 200, 400, 600, or even 1200. It’s a good idea if you play games that require quick movement.

Windows 10 has just released a new update, which you’ve probably heard about. And you’re probably wondering how to change the default mouse dpi to 800 in Windows 11. But before you do anything else, let’s ensure we’re all on the same page. What is the default mouse dpi? The number of dots per inch your mouse moves across the screen.

This number is usually determined by the default settings in the Windows OS. If you want to change the default mouse dpi to 800 in Windows 11, you need to follow the steps below because, in this article, I will teach you how to change the mouse dpi to 800 in Windows 11.

What Is DPI In Mouse?

How To Change Mouse DPI To 800

DPI is measured in dots per inch, the number of pixels per unit of distance on a screen. A higher DPI means more dots in a given area. If you’ve ever compared two different mice, you’ve probably noticed that one has a higher DPI than the other.

The higher the DPI, the faster and smoother your cursor will move across the screen. This means that you’ll be able to click on items faster, which can help you to complete tasks much faster.

The most important thing about DPI is that it affects how fast a cursor can move on-screen. If your DPI is set too high, you can move your cursor much faster than normal. However, if your DPI is set too low, you can move your cursor slower than normal.

If you want to move your cursor faster, you should set your DPI as high as possible. On the other hand, if you want to move your cursor slower, you should set your DPI as low as possible.

The DPI setting on your computer determines how fast your cursor moves when you move your mouse over a specific area. It also determines how sensitive the mouse feels when you move it over a certain area. If you set the DPI to low, your cursor will move slowly and feel less sensitive. If you set it to high, the cursor will move faster and feel more sensitive.

Different Between DPI and Sensitivity:

Your mouse settings allow you to change the DPI setting. Your mouse’s sensitivity can also be adjusted. This is done using the mouse’s “wheel” or “scroll” wheel. The DPI setting can be changed on any mouse. The sensitivity setting can only be changed on mice with a scroll wheel.

As well, you should know that it is possible for a DPI to be high, while the sensitivity to be low, or vice versa. This can happen when the DPI is set very high, but the sensitivity is set to a very low value. Furthermore, you can have a low DPI and a high sensitivity at the same time. This can happen when the DPI is set to a very low value, but the sensitivity is set to a very high value.

How To Change Mouse DPI To 800 (Solution):

Open up the Mouse settings window to find out what the current DPI is. The DPI appears at the bottom of the window. You can see the number of dots per inch there. If you want to change the mouse’s dpi, click the DPI changer button. This will allow you to choose any value you wish to if you need help changing the DPI. Below is the complete information.

Step. 1 (Check Your Mouse DPI)

First, you need to check the mouse dpi. Below are the two most straightforward ways to check your mouse DPI.

First method:
Information about the DPI usually appears on the product page of the manufacturer’s website. So, simply visit the website of the manufacturer to check out the DPI.

Second Method:
If you can’t find your mouse model online, this is what you need to do. The pointer in Paint indicates the pixel movement, so to find the DPI, here’s what you need to do.

1. Search the (Paint) in the window search bar and open it.
2. When the blank Paint window opens then move the pointer to the left until you see 0 in the window’s footer.
3. Now kindly make the horizontal 2,3 inch long lines and then see the value is what is in the bottom of the window.
4. Make the average of three values who shown you on the bottom window. The resulting value will be your mouse dpi.

Step. 2 (How To Change Mouse DPI To 800)

Second, you need to change the mouse dpi to 800. Below are the two most straightforward ways to shift mouse DPI to 800.

First method:
1. Open the Setting by clicking on the setting button.
2. Go to “Devices”>>> “Mouse.”
3. Under “Settings”, click on “Mouse” to see a pop-up for “Mouse Properties”.
4. Click on the “Pointer Options”.

Here you can see the dpi button that allows you to change the mouse dpi to 800.

Second Method:
Manufacturers include a button to change the DPI on the mouse itself. So if you have a mouse with the DPI change button, you press it to change it. No need to fiddle with the menu.

What Would be the DPI of a Normal Mouse?

To adjust the mouse sensitivity in Windows 10 and 11:

  1. Open the Windows Settings panel and go to System > Advanced system settings > Mouse and Touchpad.
  2. Click on the Mouse tab and select the “Mouse and touchpad” tab.
  3. Click on the “Advanced settings” button. The “Advanced pointer settings” window will display a list of options.
  4. Select the setting you want to change, and click on the “Apply” button.

Check the DPI of your mouse before you buy a new one. You’ll want at least a 4K DPI. Some mice, however, can be set for a higher DPI. I recommend at least 16K. Some companies like Logitech make driver software that allows you to adjust the DPI on your mouse. So, if you have a brand new mouse, you can find it on their site and get the right driver. Otherwise, you can change the settings on your mouse using the software. You can move the slider down and up to adjust the DPI.

You can easily change the mouse sensitivity in Windows 10 in just one step. In Settings, navigate to Devices > Mouse. You’ll then be able to adjust the primary mouse button and cursor speed. Then, select MouseThreshold1 and MouseThreshold2, and adapt them to the desired level.


The best way to prevent the mouse from moving around the screen while playing a game or watching a movie is to change the mouse dpi to 800. This is a simple solution to a problem that many people face.

Does high DPI affect FPS?

This is because mouse sensitivity is the most critical setting for competitive FPS players. It controls how quickly you can move your crosshair between targets. If you have low mouse sensitivity, you won’t be able to drive your crosshair quickly enough to react to fast-moving targets.

When it comes to gaming, what is the best DPI?

Many games have a specific DPI setting. For example, a first-person shooter might have a higher DPI than an RPG. This is because the mouse can be used to aim in FPSs. This means that a mouse with a lower DPI will not be able to aim well.

Is 10000 DPI too high?

A higher DPI can be used to make your mouse more accurate. In video games and photo editing, this is especially useful. The higher DPI can help you to click faster and get more precise with your mouse movements. However, if you are using a high DPI mouse for everyday use, you may find that you are not as accurate. You may find that your mouse moves slower than usual and can’t move as quickly as you used to.

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