How To Fix Scroll Wheel On Wireless Mouse [Step-By-Step]

Having a decent mouse is crucial since it may make your job simpler. The scroll wheel on a mouse is a useful feature, but it can be a nuisance when it doesn’t work properly. If you’re having trouble getting the scroll wheel to work on your wireless mouse, you might face a common problem often caused by an improper connection between the mouse and your computer. You can solve this issue quickly and easily with just a few simple steps.

Today, I’m going to share with you how to fix the scroll wheel on your wireless mouse. So, let’s get started.

What is a Scroll Wheel on Wireless Mouse?

Your mouse’s scroll wheel is a useful feature that will simplify your life. It is used to scroll through pages on the Internet or documents you have on your computer. This is a handy tool to use while you are writing a long document on your computer. You don’t need to scroll the page manually. It will scroll automatically. It is also beneficial if you want to read the page’s content. You may read it without turning the page to the left. Using the mouse’s scroll wheel, you may easily navigate the website.

Causes of Wireless Mouse Wheel Not Working:

Low battery seems to be the most frequent problem in my experience. When the mouse isn’t moving, it usually indicates that the battery has died. This happens because the battery is connected to a small electronic component. A dead battery may cause your mouse not to work. Another issue that is more common than the low battery is incorrect mouse settings in the OS system. These settings need to be set correctly for the mouse to work. If the settings are correct, you can try to remove the battery from the mouse and reinsert it to restart the computer and re-check the settings. If these aren’t the cause of your problem, you can contact your vendor for support.

How To Fix Scroll Wheel On Wireless Mouse:

Why doesn’t my mouse wheel scroll correctly?

It is possible that your mouse’s scroll wheel won’t function on occasion. If your mouse functions properly, you must examine the batteries. Dead batteries will render the scroll wheel useless. Purchasing new batteries is the best line of action. You may also need to click the mouse’s reset button. If it breaks, you’ll need to buy a new mouse.


My wireless mouse’s scroll wheel quit functioning, and I’m unsure what to do. I haven’t used the mouse in a few months, and it hasn’t been functional. I’m not sure whether I connected it to the computer or if it just shut off. I wish someone could assist me since I haven’t had the time to research it.

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